Friday, April 1, 2011


An update on Abraham Kilannin, "Inwood's own" (our Intel-Semi Finalist!) who we were all rooting for that letter to come in the mail with ACCEPTANCE to Yale has arrived - - and ACCEPTED he is!!!! However, his mailbox was flooded with 9 other college acceptances and the list is quite impressive; Harvard, Brown, Columbia, U Penn, Darmouth, Stanford, John Hopkins, Duke, & Tufts. Abraham you are a remarkable young man with an incredible future ahead of you. We are so blessed and fortunate that you are a part of the Inwood community - we are cofident you will continue to make us all proud! Good Luck to you!


  1. What an amzaing kid we have right here among us!!! Who would have known?? Thanks for posting - insideinwood!!!

  2. Good things come out of Inwood, Great people live and work in this community "Keep on Keeping on Abraham" we will be the wind beneath your wings!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Abraham! You are amounst many smart people who came from Inwood and have lived productive fruitful lives. Keep up the good work. You can go where ever your brain takes you. Give back to your community and NEVER forget where you came from, GOOD OLDE INWOOD, YEA!!!!