Sunday, December 9, 2012


A fundraiser was held in memory of Joey Dowling. Many friends and family turned out to The Den on Sheridan Blvd. to support the event. Mark Magliaro's Band - One Pint Down entertained the crowd. Over $4000.00 was raised at this first fundraiser which the family plans to provide scholarships with. A great time was had by all and great memories of Joey were shared throughout the evening.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


First and foremost, we would like thank you for being such a value customer and our sincere thoughts are with those affected by hurricane Sandy. There has been a tremendous amount of help from different sources to hurricane victims and our company would like to contribute for those in need. We are extending FREE DATA RETRIEVAL SERVICES to victims of hurricane Sandy. Many of you lost you computers with precious pictures and priceless memories not to mention important files and documents to the flood. A lot of companies will attempt to profit from this disaster, but we are here to help. DON'T THROW YOUR COMPUTER AWAY!! All you need to do is bring your computer to our store with a USB thumb drive or external hard drive and we will attempt to retrieve the data for you. Please pass this information to anyone that you feel may benefit from this FREE service. We cannot do this forever. Therefore, we urge to take advantage of this free service. To qualify you must live in one of the flood affected areas and your computer must show clear water damage. Please understand that many computers sustained severe water damage and we will not be able retrieve any information but at least it won't cost you a penny to TRY!!. This offer is for residential computers only. If you need help, come to our store or give us a call. TDGroup Computer Services 460 Sheridan Blvd Inwood NY 11096 516-558-0062 Business Support Website Residential Support Website Facebook