Wednesday, March 30, 2011


On March 26th the Inwood Civics held their Annual Citizen of the Year Dinner honoring Chris McGrath. With approx. 180 guests in attendance Chris proudly spoke of his youth years in Inwood and his fond memories of a great community. With his guest of honor Jermaine Ewell at his table he was able to boast to the crowd how a community years ago and still today "sees no color" and "joins together in tragedy" like no other community! Chris who is a member of so many organizations went on to thank the crowd for his honor although humble thanked every member of every organization for their work that they do to make it all possible. Of special note, and a highlight of the event was an invited guest Abraham Killanin, a senior at Lawrence High School, an Inwood resident, and the this year's Sciente Intel Semi-Finalist - an accomplishment that is outstanding! As we type this story Abraham is watiing for the mail to arrive with his decision from Yale - the entire community has their fingers crossed.

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