Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With Father Ducnklee moving to his new assignment of Pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Riverhead at the end of June 2011, he will not be replaced in Ou Lady of Good Counsel in Inwood by another Pastor. Father Moriatiry will assume the leadeership responsibilities of the parish as administrator. Father Eric Fasano, who has been named to the Diocesan tribunal, will reside in OLGC rectory and assist in celebration of Mass and the sacraments. Pastoral care of the Spanish-speaking community of OLGC will be offered by a Spanish-speaking priest who will have office space and provide sacramental and pastoral care including the celebration of mass. St. Joachim will continue to have Monsignor Paul Rahilly as pastor of their parish until his retirement. Upon his retirement, Father Moriarity will become the adminsitrator of St. Joachim while remaining responsible for the guarnatee of the pastoral and sacramental care and Mass in OLGC. Over time the priest who serve all three parishes (Including St. Joseph's in Hewlett) will come to reside together in one residence. Given the number of Catholics in the three parishes, the limited number of priests available, and the need to husband resources, the Diocese is calling on all 3 parishes to a new era of collaboration for mission. The assets of each parish belong to that parish and are not to be commingled.

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