Wednesday, April 20, 2011


After a community meeting, a recommendation by OSPAC and a "no vote" needed at the Planning Commission the "park" located on Bayswater Blvd. and Peppe Dr. will remain as is! The County will NOT sell the property. Currently the only potential buyer may have been the Inwood Coutnry Club who may have used this parcel of land for their maintenance facility. Residents came out in force expressing their concern for the children of the area; as depite how the County may list this property, this is a "park" where our children play! This is used daily for every sport and should not be taken from our children. In attendance at a Community Meeting was Kristin Kotak a representative from OSPAC who heard the neighborhood concerns loud and clear as did her committee who unanimously agreed in their recommendation to the Planning Commission - NOT TO SELL! Thank you to all the residents and members of the committees who agreed to save this space for the children! PLAY BALL!!


  1. Awesome job by Peter Sobol and Patty Vacchio!

  2. good job! another one on the books!

  3. I too would like to say thank you for this Inside Inwood website. The Starks family left for Florida some 50
    years ago but trust me when I tell you just how much this site means to me today. The news that the lot at
    Bayswater Blvd and Peppe Drive will remain as it was when I joined my many friends (mostly Millers!) at the
    very same spot which was then called Miller's Lot was so good to read. For the kids..... what a great decision!
    Please come visit over at Inwood Kidzz on Facebook and bring your memories along as well. Thanks again, Jerry Starks class of '65