Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Passing of Monsignor Boyle

The Reverend Monsignor Patrick J. Boyle, brother of Jimmy Boyle owner of the Den, pastor of Rye’s Church of the Resurrection and Vicar for Central Westchester has passed away on February 16, 2011. He was better known as Paddy Boyle to the priests who were in the seminary with him a Dunwoodie in Yonkers more than 50 years ago.

Monsignor Boyle worked his way up through the Archdiocesan ranks; from parish priest to pastor, spending 29 years at St. Brendan’s in the Northwest Bronx, improving the church, the school, even having a Head Start Center named for him in a former Jewish synagogue. But every step of the way, he remained easy going, affable, with a sense of humor that perhaps came from growing up in the Irish-Catholic bastion that is Inwood off Dyckman Street, near the Cloisters in upper Manhattan where his family, from Ireland ’s Donegal, ran a bar.

Monsignor Boyle spent his remaining years as the beloved pastor of the Church of the Resurrection Parish and school located in Rye, New York.


  1. Jimmy,
    I remember your brother well. While he was still in the seminary and here for summer visits afterwards, he'd stop at my house and spend a few as well as have a few with my mother. She was always so pleased when they'd show up at same event, once even in Suffolk! And you have that same winning personality.

    Marie Doran

  2. jimmy, we send our deepest sympathy to you and your family. the smile on your brothers irish face and his many praises from all the parish's he lead;shows a man of God and kindness. in a different way but accomplishing the same thing you
    have made so many people comfortable in your place serving people just the same. again our prayers and sympathy we extend to you at this sad time. kate and bob dorn

  3. Jimmy
    We Just Want To Send Our Sympathy,All Though We Really Did not Know Him Our Farther Did And If For Nothing Else He Will Be Remembered For His Lifetime Of Work With The Catholic Church.We Will Keep Him in Our

    The Redman Family

  4. Jimmy - We just want to send our sympathy, although we really did not know him, our father did. If for nothing else he will be remembered for his lifetime of work with the Catholic Church. We will keep him in our prayers. The Redman Family.

  5. This was my first pastor as I arrived to the Bronx 1n 1992. I am a convert to the Catholic faith. Monsignor Boyle was enthusiastic about it. He wrote me a letter of introduction identifying me as a faithful during my pilgrimage to St James of Compostela in 1995. I married shortly after and had my confirmation in St Brendan. The Bishop was there and Monsignor Boyle happily introduced me when I approached the altar for my confiramtion seal and blessing and in a nut shell, Monsignor Boyle told the Bishop about my conversion, marriage and new life, just before I received the blessing in Confirmation and later on I became a CCD instructor in St Brendan,.. a great challenge for me at the time, something I would never forget...We moved to New Jersey, and Monsignor Boyle also knew monsignor Arhnols of was a good feeling for me that he knew him my new pastor, there was a Spiritual family continuity for me ... I missed him often, and even though I work in the bronx, I kept telling myself that I would pass and say hello to Monsignor Boyle one of these days...Today, November 23rd, 2012, the anniversary of my conversion to the Catholic CHurch, I providentially was given a ride to the subway, because my car broke down, when I realized that the Church standing in the corner was St Brendan...I ran over there and saw that there was a place named after Monsignor Boyle in his memory, that is when I found out that he had passed away.. just a week after my horrendous experience of divorce took place A deep feeling entered my heart tonight, when I walked around thinking about Monsignor Boyle, about his humor and his nurturing brotherly smile...I was a bit taken by those feelings, and instead of taking the subway to the bus heading to Jersey, I remained around St Brendan dwelling in the peacefulness of that beautiful Church, regretting a bit that I had not come earlier to share with Monsignor Boyle, my joys and sorrow as a family man....