Thursday, February 10, 2011

Horrendous House Leak

A horrendous house leak was reported Friday, February 4th on 41 Cerro St. Stella Gonzalez called Peter Sobol explaining that huge amounts of water were pouring into her basement. She initially thought the leak was due to the snow accumulation around the house. Sobol immediately contacted Five Towns Community Center employee Yiset Abreu and Juan Zapeta from Z-Force Construction. Upon arriving at the scene, Zapeta realized that the leak was extraordinarily hazardous. The police and fire department were contacted promptly, arrived quickly, and performed assiduously. They determined that the leak was caused by a blown pipe in the adjacent, vacant Rockaway Metal building.
In addition, due to traffic congestion and possible routing dilemmas the water company did not arrive at the location until approximately two hours later, resulting in extensive damage to the residence. With the potential closure of the County Yard coupled with the inefficiency of certain vital services this development portends significant complications for maintaining a suitable standard of living for local residents.

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