Saturday, February 12, 2011


Being a small town, situated amongst John F. Kennedy Airport, the Atlantic Ocean, the immensely populated Rockaway’s, and several affluent communities, Inwood is undoubtedly in a unique position. However, with this exceptionality comes adversity. Recent events have posed a problem for local residents. The Nassau County Planning Commission has informed the town that the county yard, was being considered for sale. This scenario would prove particularly disastrous for the community.
The county yard is an important facility for public safety and maintenance. It is the facility that sustains the county roads. Recently, New York has been overwhelmed with the sustained snowfall. In addition, Inwood is also located in a high traffic, and emergency prone area. The suggestion from the County is to move the yard facilities to Bay Park in East Rockaway. In normal times, and for a standard place, this would seem like a plausible suggestion; but as mentioned previously Inwood is not a standard place.
Inwood has safety and structural issues already. Inwood is currently the home of two major gas holdings and filling stations. The number of gas trucks arriving and departing from the town is staggering; and the gas facilities are located close to residential housing. There have been accidents before, and due to the close proximity of the county yard disasters have been averted. If the yard is removed the outcome will clearly be different in the future.
Being located next to Kennedy Airport adds further challenges, as well. The airport is currently extending the airport, which may likely add to further traffic congestion, resulting in slower response time. There was also the plane crash in Belel Harbor a few years ago. There is always the possibility that this may occur again and without a close response team the situation could be astonishingly catastrophic for local residents.
In closing, it seems that there is a property, with comparable size that would be undeniably better for sale than the county yard. The Rockaway Metal facility – that this site has reported about for several days now – should clearly be observed and seriously contemplated. The building is in dire straits and is in serious need of abolition; the property is vast; and it would save our community a vital service if this was sold. The property is currently a safety hazard to local residents and public employees. If our communities health is taken into regard than there is a clear choice. Clean, sell and add to the tax rolls the property known as the old Rockaway Metal. Do not sell the Inwood yard and keep the County Highway Dept and their employees here where they belong.

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  1. One of the greatest location on Long Island and it is always the blunt of the Town ,Counties and in this case the Airports plans WHY!!!!! Why can't they leave a simple little Town alone?