Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As we all scurry to our cars to turn on the heat and defroster or rush in our homes to get out of the snow and rain we don't realize how lucky we are to have that warmth. As we complain about the wet and cold in these few steps we neglect to realize those less fortunate. Who would have known that right in our own neighborhood nearly on our own door step was "Georgi". On Tuesday, night while we scurried to our warmth Georgi; as the shop owners on Rockaway Tpke. nicknamed him for the Vodka he drank, he to prepared for his warmth. He prepared what appeared to be a can of either gasoline or kerosene which he lit to make a nice warm fire on the cement stoop of what was the old Glatt Kosher Supermarket in Lawrence. Once lit he tucked himself into his sleeping bag and shielded himself from the sleet storm with a broken umbrella. Somewhere during the course of the night the wind must have blown his flame into his sleeping bag catching the bag and Georgi on fire. At the scene we can only assume he tried to escape and slid on the ice and fell as evidence of blood was found among Georgi's ashes. The gentlemen in the liquor store describe Georgi as a well spoken kind man who they would enjoy having lunch with. The guys in the salon next door would give Georgi his haircuts. We are all saddened by this tragedy and should all be reminded of those less fortunate next time we run to the luxury of our heated car. Rest in peace Georgi!

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