Friday, April 29, 2011


As parishoners left Mass on Easter much to their surprise they were greeted but none other than the Easter Bunny!! Children of all ages enjoyed having their photo taken with him. After mass and pictures he wandered around town and even ended up at Julio's Deli for some more Easter photos and festivities!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011



Wednesday, April 20, 2011


After a community meeting, a recommendation by OSPAC and a "no vote" needed at the Planning Commission the "park" located on Bayswater Blvd. and Peppe Dr. will remain as is! The County will NOT sell the property. Currently the only potential buyer may have been the Inwood Coutnry Club who may have used this parcel of land for their maintenance facility. Residents came out in force expressing their concern for the children of the area; as depite how the County may list this property, this is a "park" where our children play! This is used daily for every sport and should not be taken from our children. In attendance at a Community Meeting was Kristin Kotak a representative from OSPAC who heard the neighborhood concerns loud and clear as did her committee who unanimously agreed in their recommendation to the Planning Commission - NOT TO SELL! Thank you to all the residents and members of the committees who agreed to save this space for the children! PLAY BALL!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With the possibility of a "playfield" for sale neighbors of Bayswater Blvd. and the surrounding area came out with strong opposing voices. It came to their attention that the "lot" immediately outside the entrance gate of the Inwood Country Club is up for sale. Mixed messages that either the Country Club could be purchasing the property for a "maintenance barn" or the County will sell regardless to a "builder" still did not sit well with the neighbors. It was unanimous amongst the crowd that this property remain as is! Plain and simple no one wants this property sold. Years ago, long time residents can remember swings and a see-saw and residents today smile at the thought of the children playing in the open field. A power-point presentation by Pete Sobol & Patty Vacchio brought to the crowds attention how this space is used by today's children and how the County is putting "millions" of dollars into other County parks while Inwood Park is being "neglected". So a small ask not costing anything is to just leave this land alone. Also, in attendance was the CFO of the Inwood Country Club who was clear that he too likes the property the way it is but he was approached by the County regarding this property it was not the Club looking to take this property from the children. All did agree that they jointly have been very good negihbors to each other and want to maintain that relationship. Therefore, they will try to partner up in this mission. This issue goes before OSPAC(Open Space Parks Advisory Commission) Wednesday 4/13 at 4pm and then to the Planning Commission at 10 am on Thursday 4/14. You can direct and comments and questions you have to


With Father Ducnklee moving to his new assignment of Pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Riverhead at the end of June 2011, he will not be replaced in Ou Lady of Good Counsel in Inwood by another Pastor. Father Moriatiry will assume the leadeership responsibilities of the parish as administrator. Father Eric Fasano, who has been named to the Diocesan tribunal, will reside in OLGC rectory and assist in celebration of Mass and the sacraments. Pastoral care of the Spanish-speaking community of OLGC will be offered by a Spanish-speaking priest who will have office space and provide sacramental and pastoral care including the celebration of mass. St. Joachim will continue to have Monsignor Paul Rahilly as pastor of their parish until his retirement. Upon his retirement, Father Moriarity will become the adminsitrator of St. Joachim while remaining responsible for the guarnatee of the pastoral and sacramental care and Mass in OLGC. Over time the priest who serve all three parishes (Including St. Joseph's in Hewlett) will come to reside together in one residence. Given the number of Catholics in the three parishes, the limited number of priests available, and the need to husband resources, the Diocese is calling on all 3 parishes to a new era of collaboration for mission. The assets of each parish belong to that parish and are not to be commingled.

Monday, April 4, 2011


There will be a public meeting open to the entire community, on Monday, April 11th at 7pm at the Five Towns Community Center. Apparently, the Inwood Country Club is interested in purchaisng the "lot" on Bayswater Blvd. and Peppe Dr. Neighbors have expressed their concerns as they feel this is more of a "park/play field" for the children of the area. Other voices have stated that The Country Club is big enough and this property should be left for the children. Some other concerns are where would the money go if the property were to be sold. All are welcome to come and voice their opinions. On April 13th this issue does go before Open Space Parks Advisory Committee (OSPAC), for thier review and then recommendation to the planning commission on the 14th. If you have an opinion or care to write a letter and can NOT attend the meeting you can email it to and we will forward it to OSPAC for you (Reference FILE # 30-2011 Sec. 40 Block 128 Lot 110-139). This is a very tight timeline of meetings so please get your letters or comments in.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


On March 23, 2011, The Five Towns Early Learning Center, held its Annual Meeting at the Center at 112 Wahl Ave. We were delighted to have Town Supervisor, Kate Murray and Councilman, Jim Darcy, participate in the ceremonies as the installing officials. The keynote speaker, Dr. Shoshanah Findley, teaches early childhood at Touro College and was installed as a new member on the Board of Directors. Her speech "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Play" highlighted the Center's philosophy, play is the medium for learning for young children.

The Class of 2013 (Barbara Bailey, Harriet Rubenstein, Helen Pollack and Harold Kislik) and the Officers (Liz Ropers, President, Adah Silberg, Vice-President, Harriet Rubenstein, Secretary and Chris Albanese, Treasurer) were installed. The event was well attended. It was great to share this special evening with Board Members, Staff, Parents, community leaders and friends. Everyone gathered for coffee and conversation after the ceremonies."

Friday, April 1, 2011


An update on Abraham Kilannin, "Inwood's own" (our Intel-Semi Finalist!) who we were all rooting for that letter to come in the mail with ACCEPTANCE to Yale has arrived - - and ACCEPTED he is!!!! However, his mailbox was flooded with 9 other college acceptances and the list is quite impressive; Harvard, Brown, Columbia, U Penn, Darmouth, Stanford, John Hopkins, Duke, & Tufts. Abraham you are a remarkable young man with an incredible future ahead of you. We are so blessed and fortunate that you are a part of the Inwood community - we are cofident you will continue to make us all proud! Good Luck to you!