Sunday, February 27, 2011


It sure did at the Five Towns Community Center as the gymnasium was packed with over 300 community members. The stage served as the center of display for incredible talent of dancers, singers, mimes and musicians. Audience members were in awe that we had such talent among us right here in our community and small surrounding area local houses of worship. Short speeches were given spreading good words of what our comunity has to offer as well as the many wonderful services offered by the Five Towns Community Center. Cogratulations to all involved a special salute to chief organizer and facilitator - Greg Nunn! A great day was had by all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Planning commission Recommends the SALE of the County Yard!

After two public hearings in which County Legislator Kopel and Civic Leaders such as Roy Meserole argued that the county should not sell the property adjacent to Inwood Park, the Nassau County Planing Commission recommended that the county put the property up for sale. In even a stranger decision the commission said that they agree with the public in that part of the property should be used for senior housing although senior housing was not the focus of the public hearings; not did anyone recall such recommendations ever being mentioned. This community clearly does not want the property sold. As the commissioner explained this is only a recommendation and the County legislature will decide the final fate of the property. Realizing that the fight is not yet over this community is disappointed that the planing commission did not respond to the wishes of the Inwood community.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Peninsula Kiwanis Humanitarian Award Presentation

Councilman Anthony Santino attended the Peninsula Kiwanis Louis Costa Humanitarian Award dinner held in Mezzanote at the Lawrence Village Country Club in Lawrence. Photo shows Councilman Anthony Santino presenting a Citation to this year’s honoree Nassau County Fourth Precinct Police Officer Edward Scherer at this event.
Howard Kopel - Legislature,Christopher Cleary, Inspector Fourth Precinct
Edward Scherer- Fourth Precinct Police Officer – Honoree Fourth Precinct
Christopher T. McGrath – Peninsula Kiwanis President and Chairman of the event
Anthony Santino - Councilman
John R. Capece – Deputy Chief of Patrol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Passing of Monsignor Boyle

The Reverend Monsignor Patrick J. Boyle, brother of Jimmy Boyle owner of the Den, pastor of Rye’s Church of the Resurrection and Vicar for Central Westchester has passed away on February 16, 2011. He was better known as Paddy Boyle to the priests who were in the seminary with him a Dunwoodie in Yonkers more than 50 years ago.

Monsignor Boyle worked his way up through the Archdiocesan ranks; from parish priest to pastor, spending 29 years at St. Brendan’s in the Northwest Bronx, improving the church, the school, even having a Head Start Center named for him in a former Jewish synagogue. But every step of the way, he remained easy going, affable, with a sense of humor that perhaps came from growing up in the Irish-Catholic bastion that is Inwood off Dyckman Street, near the Cloisters in upper Manhattan where his family, from Ireland ’s Donegal, ran a bar.

Monsignor Boyle spent his remaining years as the beloved pastor of the Church of the Resurrection Parish and school located in Rye, New York.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Being a small town, situated amongst John F. Kennedy Airport, the Atlantic Ocean, the immensely populated Rockaway’s, and several affluent communities, Inwood is undoubtedly in a unique position. However, with this exceptionality comes adversity. Recent events have posed a problem for local residents. The Nassau County Planning Commission has informed the town that the county yard, was being considered for sale. This scenario would prove particularly disastrous for the community.
The county yard is an important facility for public safety and maintenance. It is the facility that sustains the county roads. Recently, New York has been overwhelmed with the sustained snowfall. In addition, Inwood is also located in a high traffic, and emergency prone area. The suggestion from the County is to move the yard facilities to Bay Park in East Rockaway. In normal times, and for a standard place, this would seem like a plausible suggestion; but as mentioned previously Inwood is not a standard place.
Inwood has safety and structural issues already. Inwood is currently the home of two major gas holdings and filling stations. The number of gas trucks arriving and departing from the town is staggering; and the gas facilities are located close to residential housing. There have been accidents before, and due to the close proximity of the county yard disasters have been averted. If the yard is removed the outcome will clearly be different in the future.
Being located next to Kennedy Airport adds further challenges, as well. The airport is currently extending the airport, which may likely add to further traffic congestion, resulting in slower response time. There was also the plane crash in Belel Harbor a few years ago. There is always the possibility that this may occur again and without a close response team the situation could be astonishingly catastrophic for local residents.
In closing, it seems that there is a property, with comparable size that would be undeniably better for sale than the county yard. The Rockaway Metal facility – that this site has reported about for several days now – should clearly be observed and seriously contemplated. The building is in dire straits and is in serious need of abolition; the property is vast; and it would save our community a vital service if this was sold. The property is currently a safety hazard to local residents and public employees. If our communities health is taken into regard than there is a clear choice. Clean, sell and add to the tax rolls the property known as the old Rockaway Metal. Do not sell the Inwood yard and keep the County Highway Dept and their employees here where they belong.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suspicious Fire on Roger Avenue

On February, 10, 2011 there was a suspicious fire reported at Rockaway Metal on the corner of Roger Avenue and Gates Avenue. Firefighter, Joe Sanford Jr. stated that a call came in at approximately 5:30 am. Sanford stated that upon arrival it was not immediately clear how the fire actually started. But with further investigation it became clear that a car inside the premises was the catalyst. Due to a prior water leakage problem, authorities had basic knowledge of the premises preceding the event.
However, upon further investigation there were several new discoveries. The integrity of the buildings structure has been severely compromised due to years of neglect. Local officials speculate that the structure may collapse in the near future if action isn’t taken promptly. The Rockaway Mineral building has a bowstring roof, which has earned the reputation as “the most dangerous roof a firefighter will encounter,” and, “a roof that will fail in the early stages of a fire,” according to The neglect of Rockaway Metal is increasingly becoming a hazard to public employees and residents. Lastly, authorities also discovered that homeless people have been living the vacant facility to evade the harsh winter. There were mattresses and huge amounts of refuse stacked chaotically in the building. Authorities also speculate that the car may not have been inside the warehouse before the fire.
Detectives, local police, the fire department, and a Hazmat crew were on the scene. There is currently an investigation pending.

Horrendous House Leak

A horrendous house leak was reported Friday, February 4th on 41 Cerro St. Stella Gonzalez called Peter Sobol explaining that huge amounts of water were pouring into her basement. She initially thought the leak was due to the snow accumulation around the house. Sobol immediately contacted Five Towns Community Center employee Yiset Abreu and Juan Zapeta from Z-Force Construction. Upon arriving at the scene, Zapeta realized that the leak was extraordinarily hazardous. The police and fire department were contacted promptly, arrived quickly, and performed assiduously. They determined that the leak was caused by a blown pipe in the adjacent, vacant Rockaway Metal building.
In addition, due to traffic congestion and possible routing dilemmas the water company did not arrive at the location until approximately two hours later, resulting in extensive damage to the residence. With the potential closure of the County Yard coupled with the inefficiency of certain vital services this development portends significant complications for maintaining a suitable standard of living for local residents.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As we all scurry to our cars to turn on the heat and defroster or rush in our homes to get out of the snow and rain we don't realize how lucky we are to have that warmth. As we complain about the wet and cold in these few steps we neglect to realize those less fortunate. Who would have known that right in our own neighborhood nearly on our own door step was "Georgi". On Tuesday, night while we scurried to our warmth Georgi; as the shop owners on Rockaway Tpke. nicknamed him for the Vodka he drank, he to prepared for his warmth. He prepared what appeared to be a can of either gasoline or kerosene which he lit to make a nice warm fire on the cement stoop of what was the old Glatt Kosher Supermarket in Lawrence. Once lit he tucked himself into his sleeping bag and shielded himself from the sleet storm with a broken umbrella. Somewhere during the course of the night the wind must have blown his flame into his sleeping bag catching the bag and Georgi on fire. At the scene we can only assume he tried to escape and slid on the ice and fell as evidence of blood was found among Georgi's ashes. The gentlemen in the liquor store describe Georgi as a well spoken kind man who they would enjoy having lunch with. The guys in the salon next door would give Georgi his haircuts. We are all saddened by this tragedy and should all be reminded of those less fortunate next time we run to the luxury of our heated car. Rest in peace Georgi!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


REMINDER! There will be a meeting regarding the closure of the County Yard on Thursday, February 3rd at 10:00 AM. This meeting is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions. The meeting will be held at 1550 Franklin Ave. in Mineola.