Sunday, January 30, 2011


The NY/NJ Port Authority is having a conference as I write this, concerning expanding the airport into the bay. If their plan were to prevail, it would cause flooding, further loss of marsh and loss of habitat for fish and wildlife. This needs to be fought tooth and nail by the members of the Inwood/North Lawrence/Meadowmere Park communities. If we lose more marshland, we lose the buffer between our homes and the waters of the bay. As far as the federal flood zone map, the NY/NJ PA plans would probably push more houses into the highest rate of the FEMA flood insurance. That’s IF we have a house left to insure. We need representation and our voices heard on the Nassau County side of the bay. There are Jamaica Bay Task Force meetings for issues regarding the bay. But there areNOT enough voices for the Nassau County portion of our waters. We need individuals and groups to be informed and act on this issue. The Port Authority is ready to challenge the U.S. Congress on overturning a protection clause regarding the bay. They have hired big guns and are ready to fight for this. Conversely, we must be ready as well. Below is a link to an article in today’s NY Times.
Please pass this information and the article to those who are interested, those who are affected and to those who are willing to help. Enlist the help of those who don’t know about this issue by taking the time to send this article link to them. This is a very serious issue and we MUST be prepared to face it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


On Tuesday, Jan. 25th the Inwood Civics hosted a Town Meeting at The Inwood Buccaneer Clubhouse regarding the closing of the County Yard on Bayview Ave. approximately 50 residents came out to express their concerns. Many of their concerns are that the services provided to our community with respect to the plowing, street cleaning and emergencey services will be effected. Inwood Fire Chief Danny Sarnelli stressed the importance and conveniece of the yard to response time of the emergency service especially regarding sanding of roads in the event of gas spills as well as the safety of his men for travel time on clean roads. Business owneer Mario Romanelli also is concerned for his business to be productive his employees must be able to get to work as well as his truck to get out on time therfore the roads must be accessible. Should the Inwood yard be closed, all equipment (with the possible exception of the sand/salt pit) will be moved to the Bay Park East Rockaway yard. This location and distance is what is causing concern for the residents with regard to keeping Inwood's services the same. Of second concern is what will happen to this property once this yard is closed. Again residents expressed their concern should factories be put their more trucking will be going through Inwood. Residents do not believe housing will be sold at this location. One idea brought up is that Inwood Park should be extended and enhanced. Inwood Park is the ONLY Park in the Five Towns that is neglected. It is not maintained, it does not have adequate parking for the events that are currently held there for example the Inwood Buccaneer Football Program ad the Inwood 5k Race. The next meeting regarding the closure on this yard will be in Mineola on February 3rd. Follow our website for more information regarding this story!


With record breaking snow for the month of January and over a foot of snow accumulating from last night's storm Inside Inwood's favorite reporter "Maggie" gives us the following news. All Lawrence Schools are closed for today. The major roads in Inwood are clear and the secondary roads passable as the town, and county trucks are out and working. This is a heavy snow so it is advised not to overextend yourself when cleaning your property. As usual the police and fire department are out ready in case of an emergency. Maggie says if at all possible stay home this morning and relax as the roads are slippery and the municipal workers are busy cleaning, sanding and salting the roads.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


As Inwood gets hit with more snow The Inwood Club looks beautiful with it's white branches and snow covered hills. Of course, this site must be guarded by no one else but Inwood's own MAGGIE!

Friday, January 21, 2011


The Nassau County Planing Commission held a public meeting at the Nassau County Legislature Hearing Room,1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola regarding the potential sale of the county yard located next to Inwood Park. The diagrams presented included part of the parking lot of Inwood Park but the Planning Commission could not say if this area was or was not part of the proposed sale. There will be a community meeting this Tuesday at 7pm at The Inwood Buccaneer Clubhouse (275 Lawrence Ave.) to discuss the community's position regarding this sale and what action can be taken. All are encouraged to attend to express their concers and be heard.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


January 20th @ 10AM 1550 Franklin Ave. MineolaRE: Sale of Property at the End of Bayview Ave. Claims to be only a portion of the "county yard" However, there are suspicions and rumors that Inwood Park could possibly be included in this sale. PLEASE attend this meeting to express your concerns. SAVE OUR PARK!!!!


On Friday January 14th The Five Towns Community Center hosted a benefit for David Gerges. David along with Tom Jordan were hit by car on West Broadway walking home from a house party on New Years Eve. The driver left the scene of the accident and has not been found. David was rushed to the hospital where his condition was critical with brain injuries, broken bones and trauma. His condition has shown signs of improvement but he faces a long road to recovery. The Band Poofy & The Bus Boys entertained over 300 of David's friends and supporters where over $6,000.00 was raised to help fund for his recovery. Anyone with information on this "hit and run" case can contact the 4th precinct.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Re-enactment of The Three Wise Men

Our Lady of Good Counsel along with Callberos De Colon held a celebration; The Feast of the Epiphany, with a re-enactment of the Three Wise Men completing their journey to Bethlehem. Juan Zepada the Grand Knight organized the event where Santa (Mike Caligueri) gave out candy canes and a clown entertained the children. Kate Murray the Town of Hempstead Supervisor presented Juan with a certificate from the Town acknowledging his and the knights accomplishments.

Friday, January 7, 2011


On January 6th The Inwood Civics Installed their new slate of officers.The following is the new slate: President: Michael Gliner, 1st Vice President: Pinny Ackerman, 2nd Vice President: Pete Sobol, Financial Seretary/Treasurer: Lois Benvin, Recording & Corresponding Secretary: Patty Vacchio, Seargent at Arms: Tony Nave, Chairman of the Board: Tony LaFerrara. Board Members - - 1st Class - Brian Pinnola, Sheldon Soloway, Joe Santillo - 2nd Class - June Kenney, Hezzie Cibere, Barry Degroot - 3rd Class - Frank Mister, Frank Sarro, Roy Meserole. We wish the new slate Good Luck for the upcoming year. General Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 8pm at The sons of Italy on Wanser Ave. All are invited to join WE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGE NEW MEMBERS!!!

Honored for Human Services

The Five Town Community Chest has selected Bertha Pruitt of the Five Towns Community Center to be the recipient of the Joseph M. Sokil award. Joseph M. Sokil was a past director of the Coomunity Chest. Like Mr. Sokil Bertha has been chosen in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Quality of Human Services provided under her leardership at the Five Towns Community Center.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Center!

The Five Towns Community Center’s Hispanic Association held their 1st Annual Christmas Party on December 19th. Family members from the Association as well as parents that have kids in the soccer program volunteered to bring food from different parts of Latin America. Kids were able to take pictures with Santa Claus and his helpers and received candy canes. Raffles and live music by “La Fuerza Tropical”, a local band played and the kids were able to receive more candy by hitting the piƱata made by Izzy, one of the soccer coaches of the program. The event was organized by Izzy Sanchez, Felipe Plaza and the Hispanic Organization. “It was a great event and the kids were happy to see Santa Claus stop into our small town”, stated Felipe, “I have never seen so many people together to help such a great event for the kids in the soccer program and in our community”.

Mary's Manor Holiday Party!

A Holiday Party was given by an anonymous donor in memory of Richard Farell at Mary’s Manor on December 30th. Margo Pettit organized and cooked for the event. Volunteers (Butch Johnson, Nicholas V, Felipe Plaza, and Jimmy Boyle) served the seniors with pork and mashed potatoes with gravy and drinks. The event had live music, dancing and a holiday sing-a-long. All who attended had a great time.