Thursday, June 9, 2011

"DUMP" Meeting Update!

On June 7th a follow-up meeting was held regarding resident complaints about New York Recycling & Materials. At this meeting, Jim Darcy from the Town of Hempstead along with a Code enforcement officer was there as well as two representatives from the DEC. Owners of NY Recycling, John & Chris Pizzirusso were also in attendance to hear the neighbors concerns as well as express how they have tried hard to "be good neighbors" and fix many of the problems left behind by the previous owner. They continued to stress to the corwd off approximately 50 that they ONLY took over February 14th and named MANY upgrades that they have done in that short period of time and will continue to do so. They made themselves available this evening to open the communication, hear the concerns and ended the meeting by handing out business cards encouraging the community to keep in contact with them and they will do their best to address their concerns. Although at times frustrations may have been high by the end of the meeting the tone was calm and we believe that this situation is in good place. Thanks to the residents for being proactive and voicing your concerns and thank you Pizzirusso brothers for sitting in that "hot seat" and being open to this meeting.

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