Sunday, January 30, 2011


The NY/NJ Port Authority is having a conference as I write this, concerning expanding the airport into the bay. If their plan were to prevail, it would cause flooding, further loss of marsh and loss of habitat for fish and wildlife. This needs to be fought tooth and nail by the members of the Inwood/North Lawrence/Meadowmere Park communities. If we lose more marshland, we lose the buffer between our homes and the waters of the bay. As far as the federal flood zone map, the NY/NJ PA plans would probably push more houses into the highest rate of the FEMA flood insurance. That’s IF we have a house left to insure. We need representation and our voices heard on the Nassau County side of the bay. There are Jamaica Bay Task Force meetings for issues regarding the bay. But there areNOT enough voices for the Nassau County portion of our waters. We need individuals and groups to be informed and act on this issue. The Port Authority is ready to challenge the U.S. Congress on overturning a protection clause regarding the bay. They have hired big guns and are ready to fight for this. Conversely, we must be ready as well. Below is a link to an article in today’s NY Times.
Please pass this information and the article to those who are interested, those who are affected and to those who are willing to help. Enlist the help of those who don’t know about this issue by taking the time to send this article link to them. This is a very serious issue and we MUST be prepared to face it.

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