Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Center!

The Five Towns Community Center’s Hispanic Association held their 1st Annual Christmas Party on December 19th. Family members from the Association as well as parents that have kids in the soccer program volunteered to bring food from different parts of Latin America. Kids were able to take pictures with Santa Claus and his helpers and received candy canes. Raffles and live music by “La Fuerza Tropical”, a local band played and the kids were able to receive more candy by hitting the piñata made by Izzy, one of the soccer coaches of the program. The event was organized by Izzy Sanchez, Felipe Plaza and the Hispanic Organization. “It was a great event and the kids were happy to see Santa Claus stop into our small town”, stated Felipe, “I have never seen so many people together to help such a great event for the kids in the soccer program and in our community”.

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