Thursday, January 27, 2011


On Tuesday, Jan. 25th the Inwood Civics hosted a Town Meeting at The Inwood Buccaneer Clubhouse regarding the closing of the County Yard on Bayview Ave. approximately 50 residents came out to express their concerns. Many of their concerns are that the services provided to our community with respect to the plowing, street cleaning and emergencey services will be effected. Inwood Fire Chief Danny Sarnelli stressed the importance and conveniece of the yard to response time of the emergency service especially regarding sanding of roads in the event of gas spills as well as the safety of his men for travel time on clean roads. Business owneer Mario Romanelli also is concerned for his business to be productive his employees must be able to get to work as well as his truck to get out on time therfore the roads must be accessible. Should the Inwood yard be closed, all equipment (with the possible exception of the sand/salt pit) will be moved to the Bay Park East Rockaway yard. This location and distance is what is causing concern for the residents with regard to keeping Inwood's services the same. Of second concern is what will happen to this property once this yard is closed. Again residents expressed their concern should factories be put their more trucking will be going through Inwood. Residents do not believe housing will be sold at this location. One idea brought up is that Inwood Park should be extended and enhanced. Inwood Park is the ONLY Park in the Five Towns that is neglected. It is not maintained, it does not have adequate parking for the events that are currently held there for example the Inwood Buccaneer Football Program ad the Inwood 5k Race. The next meeting regarding the closure on this yard will be in Mineola on February 3rd. Follow our website for more information regarding this story!

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