Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mark & Dawn Sarro(Lawrence High graduates) have been decorating their house at 295 Washington Ave. Cedarhurst for 12 years now. It seem to be getting bigger every year. They starting doing this because when they were kids they would see other houses on the block decorated for Halloween and liked to keep that tradition going. The decorating process starts in September with Mark building most of the decorations from scratch. He usually get his ideas from watching horrors films or TV shows (The Walking Dead). They start out first with a layout of the front yard and go from there giving input on where things should go. Dawn usually works on the pumpkin patch area, while Mark works on the graveyard scene. Mark originally started out with ten tombstones and has added one every year. This year there will be twenty- three tombstones which will have writings about current events that happen during the year. In addition to the graveyard they built a wooden guillotine and a coffin that will be rigged with a fog machine on Halloween. On the night of Halloween, speakers will play sound effects to make the scenery more eerie. After everything is done, Mark will dress up and hide in the scenery waiting for the treaters to come up our walkway and frighten them. Afterwards all are welcome to take pictures. We get alot of compliments from friends, family, neighbors, and people who pass by on their way to and from work. Sometimes we even get a few motorist that pull over and get out to take a picture. This year they've added a new scenery to scare the treaters. They won't say what it is but invite all to stop by on Halloween to check it out.

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